Daniela Pinheiro

Daniela Pinheiro is editor-in-chief of Época Magazine in Brazil and a former Knight (JSK) Fellow in Journalism at Stanford University. Época is one of the most respected magazines in the country. The weekly publication is somewhat similar to the New Yorker in scope: longer, more detailed articles and profiles about a large array of topics, many of which are politically oriented. She began her career at Folha de São Paulo, the country’s largest newspaper, followed by a long period as a reporter and editor at Veja, Brazil’s largest weekly magazine. Between 2006 and 2017, she was editor at Piauí Magazine, a longform monthly publication. Her work has been mentioned in such media outlets as The Guardian, The Economist, The New Yorker and The Financial Times. She has covered topics ranging from fashion to soccer (and everything else in between), traveling to many countries in Latin and Central America, and also to Qatar, Finland, Japan, France, the United States, Switzerland, Spain, Australia and South Africa. She is a four time winner of Brazil’s Women in Press prize, and three times was awarded Brazilian journalism’s most distinguished prize, the Comunique- se Prize, as best print journalist in the country. Daniela Pinheiro is fluent in five languages: Portuguese, English, Italian, French and Spanish.