Leila Guerriero

Leila Guerriero, born in 1967 in Argentina, is a journalist. Her work is published in various media in Latin America and Spain: La Nación and Rolling Stone in Argentina; El País and Vanity Fair in Spain; El Malpensante and SoHo in Colombia; Gatopardo in Mexico; Paula and El Mercurio in Chile, among others. She is a columnist for the Spanish daily El País and the Latin American editor of the Mexican magazine Gatopardo. She has published the books Los suicidas del fin del mundo, Frutos extraños, Plano americano, Una historia sencilla and Zona de obras, and won the CEMEX-FNPI Award (2010), the González Ruano Journalism Award (2013), and the Blue Metropolis Award (2018). Some of her books have been translated into English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Polish.