Marino Sinibaldi

Marino Sinibaldi was born in Rome in 1954. Since the early eighties he worked as an author and a moderator of radio and television programmes, for the radio he has followed the main Italian cultural events and has created programmes such as End of the Century, Lampi, Fahrenheit. Since 2009 he is the director of Radio3, the cultural channel of Rai. He wrote literary-critical essays for Einaudi, Bompiani, Baldini & Castoldi. And published pieces on cultural history and massmedia for the publishers Feltrinelli, Zanichelli and the enciclopedia Treccani. In 1997 he published Pulp, a piece about literature in the age of simultaneity. Two years later Einaudi published a radio conversation between him and Natalia Ginzburg in a Volume called “It is difficult to speak about ourselves”. 2014 he published the book “Un millimetro in là: intervista sulla cultura”. Several of his texts on culture in radio programming have appeared in the Atlas of Radio and Television of Rai/Nuova Eri and in the Encyclopedia of Radio Garzanti. He is one of the founders of the political and cultural magazine Linea d'ombra, he has collaborated with several newspapers and magazines and held courses in the Universities of Teramo and Roma-La Sapienza.