Mohammad Ghâ’éd

Born in 1950, I studied educational psychology at Shiraz University (1969-73). Thereafter devoted my time and energy to writing, translating and editing as I had planned.  My articles, reviews and longer essays appeared mainly in Ayandegan Daily before it was suppressed and shut down in August 1979, and in several weeklies and monthlies in the next three decades. I have translated several books. The most recent one was The Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman. Out on the centenary of the breakout of ‘The Great War,’ the Persian translation has been reprinted every year since 2014. I have also authored three books, Diaries and Oblivion & Other Essays ; Portrait of an Anarchist ; Injustice ; Ignorance and Purgatory: Whispers and Cries in the Clash of Cultures , all reprinted several times. My main field of activity in the last two decades has been writing essays with the theme of social psychology and observation for my own Website  I have very rarely translated into English its articles that are written mainly for Persinate readers: