Paolo Roberto Pires

Paolo Roberto Pires is a journalist and professor at the School of Communication of the UFRJ. He was cultural editor of the electronic magazine and after years of experience in the literary field writing for Jornal do Brasil, O Globo and the magazine Época he became a book publisher - first at Planeta and later at Ediouro and Schauspiel. He is the author of the biographical profile Hélio Pellegrino - The Outraged Passion (Collection Profis do Rio, 1998) and the novel Do Amor absente (Rocco, 2000). He organized the poetic and journalistic work of Torquato Neto in the two volumes of Torquatália (Rocco, 2004) and was columnist for No Mínimo. He is currently editor of Serrote, a magazine of the Instituto Moreira Salles.